This is what a love poem looks like

You are underfloor heating.

You turn my insides to so much packable meat.

You are thoughtful in dreams.

You make secret signs.

You swim with impunity.

You are speculative.

You are radio & tides.

If the cuckoo sings you sing right back.

You wake to this.

You have the qualities of snow.

You are space travel.

You practice mixed martial arts.

In the event of fire you are rain.

You are a fine mist.

You found the escape hatch but will not tell me.

You favour cheddar.

You wake the street.

We go where you go.

You are untranslatable.

You fall in gaps.

You shatter as you rise.

You are wearing 3D specs.

You breathe in rooms.

Everything is purple where you lead me.

You are solid state.

You are timpani

& trumpets.