Desert Island Discs: No.3 ‘Empty Glasses’

I first came across ‘Empty Glasses’ by The Amps on the soundtrack to one of the many skateboarding videos I used to watch as a teenager. The Amps were a short-lived American band formed in 1995 by Kim Deal of The Pixes / The Breeders fame. Whilst at first listening this is a fairly unremarkable mid-90s indie-rock number, it’s certainly stuck with me for its raw, dirty energy and, probably, because it reminds me of the freedom and excitement of whole weeks spent skateboarding around the city. It also got me into The Pixes, about which, possibly, more later.


Tag, Throwup, Tag

That incorrigible ruffian Barraclough has infected me with some foul blogging game. I must, it seems, pass it on.

Rules of Tagging

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So, here we go…

ONE: I used to run the UK’s most popular skateboarding website when I was a teenager. It was called Colony and I even had my own team of gnarly skater dudes. If you see me around wearing a bright red t-shirt (underneath, always, a tasteful shirt), that’ll be one of my spare Colony tees. One of my favourite skate spots was Stockwell Skate Park aka Brixton Beach.

TWO: I am related, quite distantly, to the actor Paul McGann, through my mother’s side.

THREE: My favourite longrunning television show is ITV’s The Bill.

FOUR: One of the first poems I ever wrote hangs, framed, in my dad’s house. It’s called ‘Spring’ and contains the excellent end rhyme ‘beautiful’ / ‘fluteable’. Rocking the neologisms in primary school. Yeah.

FIVE: I am an only child. Biology, innit.

SIX: I have an enviable collection of condiments, particularly mustards, which I adore. Everything from coarse-cut Dijon to French’s American hotdog. If you’re a Facebook type, search for ‘London Condiment Society’ to find out more. If you’re so inclined.


I tag:

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