The Herbals

3:AM Magazine has published a poem of mine: The Herbals. Thanks to Poetry Editor SJ Fowler for that.

Written last year sometime, this piece now seems strangely prescient. Then again, you can stretch a poem pretty far.

In any city or text-based
practice to be confined
in such articulated coffins
collapses desire & its
attainment causing


Read the full thing here.


Ebay advert for dolls vs Michel Foucault’s The Spectacle of the Scaffold (a mash-up)

A nice lot of Sindy

A 1975 ballet body
with ball joint hands
that are stuck fast to the arms,
double cup waist
a torch of burning wax

All legs click and hold well
reduced to ashes
his ashes

Some toes have bite marks

doll has lost two fingers and thumb
she has hinged hands, one leg has a
small hole on the back ankle

to sever the sinews
his sleeves rolled up, took the steel pincers

non bending ankles
has a bit of bleed around her mouth.

One head for reroot
needs new paint on her face

Nice lot for dolly hobbies

Pardon, my God! Pardon, Lord.

three heads
lovely blonde hair
no plugs missing
two heads
good face
paint and good lashes

Two more horses
which made six horses

The arms are broken but they still bend and
hold and have not cut through rubber

Other body bits and pieces
need cleaning up and one leg has a rip
around the back of the ankle

nice project for someone

Kiss me, gentlemen.