The Office

After working from a tiny desk squeezed into the corner of my living room for the past two and a half years, I have finally moved into my first proper office. It’s on Aldgate High Street, only a few minutes walk from where I live. It’s great and, remarkably, in a seventeenth century, timber-framed building. pre-Fire of London.

We’ve been here three weeks now and efficiency is up by 23.4%, or something. I am sharing with The Fix Comedy Magazine. They have big plans which may or may not include wallcharts and whiteboards.


End of the beginning

London Word Festival ended on Thursday night with our lively discussion event, Book Futures, followed by a session at the appropriately-named Water Poet on Folgate Street. Three weeks, eight venues, fifteen shows, one hundred artists (including the staggeringly brilliant Saul Williams, above) and total audiences of over two thousand have left me feeling totally shattered. But it was definitely worth it. And I think we’re on to something… It was great working with my co-organisers Marie and Sam, and it won’t be long til we’re sitting down to plan for 2009.

It’s back to normal (Penned in the Margins) now, with plenty of projects in the pipeline, including a new series of books under the Generation Txt banner.