Just arrived back from Wurmfest, Dublin. My camera refuses to work, so no photos this time I’m afraid. The photo above illustrates Coracle Press, which produces the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. Also, it was quite a fleeting visit so I didn’t have a chance to look round the city. I did, however, meet lots of really nice people, whose names appear below, in the form of an unordered “list”.

  • Stephen Rodefer
  • Astrid Lampe
  • Kit Fryatt & Dylan Harris
  • Alex Runchman
  • Simon Cutts
  • Erica van Horn
  • Kevin Nolan
  • Ronan Murphy
  • Giles Goodland
  • Zoe Skoulding
  • Gabriel Rosenstock
  • Philip Coleman

Reading in Dublin

I’m giving a reading in Dublin on Saturday afternoon as part of experimental poetry festival Wurmfest. It’s taking place somewhere called The Complex, which looks pretty cool (see photo, above). I’m looking forward especially to seeing Giles Goodland read. I enjoyed his book of cut-ups Capital.

First time in Ireland.