A Tourist’s Guide to the East End

Wood becomes hammered after the public type: medium.

London’s truth fingers it. London is the foot of one, differentiated towards the east; for the city punishes the outside, the manufactured.

Question the person who causes the stone, voluntarily, to move. It may prohibit you from reaching out, to be with him. Compare him to the night, this donor of synchronization.

If estimated partly, the history of this restriction is like internment. Before the grain supported London, it coated a tradition. The tourist considers distant travel in his fingers.

London presents the leg of a place, consequently an activity taken thus: the British, the ship, the war.

The way of the market is known.
You offer ceramic good(s) and a toy.
Leather materials are necessary.
Processed field salad. The flow of motion.

Greener there according to the underground.

Sometimes dubbed ‘slave of the east’ – a road recreating and moving beyond. 400 independent shops. And all that around the angle of one historical seat.

(… more Babelfish fun)



Paternoster vs Babelfish

Thanks to George Ttouli for translating some work in progress that I’d posted up here using various Oulipian techniques. I think it was Joe Dunthorne who introduced me to The Oulipo via his brilliant univocalisms. The following is a version of The Lord’s Prayer which has been put through Altavista’s Babelfish software about fifteen times. The Lord’s Prayer is great for this kind of thing because of the familiarity of its rhythms, vocabulary and syntax. Ross Sutherland has an excellent version using the Oulipian device N7. Please feel free to post your own versions!

Paternoster vs Babelfish

The new star inside one sky art, name our clean clay/tone father. Our daily newspaper, O bread inside, this day is the n among them. There; a thing which will decrease inside the world. It wants to make us future life. It excuses our infringement, our things, which are average, there at the head, that one. Those hurt. And the inside, which it places at their temptation, for it bothers, but… Thine the glorious kingdom of hazards, quantity of adjustment. And thus it continues. Amen.